Days of Solitary Confinement / 禁闭日

Above: “Days of Solitary Confinement I” / “Days of Solitary Confinement II” / “Days of Solitary Confinement III” / “Days of Solitary Confinement IV” /  “Days of Solitary Confinement VIII” /  “Days of Solitary Confinement X”

Color pencil on paper / 297mm x 210mm / 2010

For more images, please go to my flickr.

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Uncomfortable place / 不舒服的地方

Above: “Kind of Intangible Matter 1” / “Kind of Intangible Matter 2”

(color pencil on paper / 210mm x 297mm / 2010)                      

This world is making us uncomfortable, twist your soul if you don’t want to be numbness.


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Curious facts / 怪事

Above: “Unnormal” / “Numbness” / “Hostages” / “Cowards” / “Symbiosis” / “Discovery”

(color pencil on paper / 210mm x 297mm / 2010)

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Are we similar? / 我们是同类吗?


Above: “Alien” / “Being Lonesome Together” / “Curiosity” / “Performers”

I did this set of drawings by using color pencil on A4 drawing paper. It has been quite a long time that I feel depressed, fearsome and painful about the life. There are too many uncertain problems and happenings around the world,  somehow i know there is no way to esacpe, and life is still getting worse.


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We are freaks and getting old.

Dear all from the earth and outer space:)  Here I wanted to tell you something about existence and non-existent.

亲爱的来自地球或外太空的你们, 这里出现的是关于我的一些玩意儿以及关于存在和不存在的事。

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